Gleeson House

Gleeson house

A well crafted Tutor house in a pleasant part of Lancashire, England, surrounded by gently rolling hills and occasional patches of woodland. Attached to the house is 460 acres of land, with the many local farms as well as the local village, Lower Crowham, being part of the Hamilton’s rent.

The house has the normal features of an English country manor: a huge dining room, a largish
but still intimate kitchen, drafty huge guest bedrooms with hideous paintings, a billiards room, a library, a kennel, a stable, a gun room, an excellent wine cellar, an uncomfortable living room, a servant’s quarter, some antiquated toilets, and so forth-but also some more unusual features. The first that most people notice is the thin, phallic, five-story tower with a large bell at the top, on a small hill about two hundred yards from the house. This is a Victorian folly, erected at the whim of one of the Gleesons, which Charles Hamilton’s father Lawrence took the trouble to enchant one night when drunk; the bell rings loudly if a significant or major unnatural being ever steps foot on the estate.

There is also a beautifully tended and attractive hedge-maze and attached knot-garden, which
incidentally provides an excellent selection of herbs. The maze is used as part of the Sleeper initiation ritual; initiates pass through it blindfolded to the pleasing summer-house in the centre, which is suitably decked out in occult paraphernalia for the occasion. It has no mystic properties, but it’s impressive and somewhat terrifying at night.

The Gleesons were a Catholic family, and so the manor has t hree well-concealed and secure
priest-holes, which the Sleepers now use as convenient prisons for those they wish to interrogate. The enchanted skin of a Pilgrim avatar is normally used for a cover for the holes on these occasions, entirely preventing magickal exit or entry from the prison. Finally, the manor has a small forensic lab and excellent computing facilities, both of which Charles gladly lends to fellow Sleepers, and two rooms, formerly studies, used mainly for the practice of ritual magick and kept secure from all except a very few of the staff.

Because two public roads pass through the estate, and in order to avoid drawing unwanted attention, defences on the estate are not obviously heavy. There is, however, an extremely well-paid, discreet, and loyal staff of about sixty, drawn from the local area. They know that a successful man like Mr. Hamilton attracts unwanted attention sometimes and one might occasionally run into things other than poachers when out keeping a watch at night, so it’s best to keep your shotgun loaded-sometimes with silver. The actual house is, naturally, equipped with the most modern and sophisticated security systems-though the alarms are rarely put on, due to the comings and goings of the large staff-as well as somewhat more esoteric defences.

The Gleeson House also has a series of three large secret basement rooms which act as the library, but if I tell you how to access them, they wouldn’t be that secret would they?

Gleeson House

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