Vernon Henshaw

Friendly Bookish Hunter Bibliomancer


Vernon is obsessed with books. Not only is he a relatively powerful Bibliomancer, he also has the Avatar of the Hunter backing up this obsession. He can find books very easily, and rumours are circulating that he’s even managed to nab a major charge, but nobody’s seen what he’s done with it if he has. Vernon doesn’t keep his past hidden, after all, there was nothing suspicious about it. A very sickly child who ended up bed ridden for most of his childhood. It was during this time he became obsessed with books, as an escape from the real world. It was also this time he came across his first ritual, The Medicine Bag, which started to heal him. He’s never looked back.

He joined The Sleepers after a run in with an Epideromancer and Vernon’s Mentor. Furious but relentless, Vernon tracked down the person who turned the Epideromancer into a dribbling wreck, but rather than revenge, he got a job.

Vernon is tallish and skinny, with blond hair and brown eyes behind wire-frames. He’s sort of cute, in a “gangly geek” way. He dresses well, if bit rumpled. He’s fairly easygoing, and as you’d expect, loves to talk to people about the books they’ve read.

He’s currently been given a mission to look into with Agnes Flynn, but they’re still in the research phase.


Vernon Henshaw

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