Obsessed Hyperactive Teenager


Hyperactive, Bouncy, Obsessed, Annoying. These sum up Marianne in a nut shell. A medium height, blue eyed, pigtail wearing, blonde haired, dyed black tips (She’d dye her all her hair black if her mum would let her) smile on legs. She’s always got a cheery hello, even if you don’t want it, and she’ll always attempt to help you out, even if you don’t want it. That sort of sickeningly happy person.

She started working at McDonalds because she wanted to make Children smile, but didn’t want them vomiting down her, or dressing in a costume. Currently in her 1st year of A-levels, he work is taking a turn for the worst as she has to deal with her sick mother.

Then there’s Twist. Oh how she’s fond of Twist. She’s known him since Secondary school, and she knows that they’ll be together. She just loves his mood, she just loves his clothes, she just loves his hair, she just loves him. And she’s going to ensure she’ll be the one to be with him Forever.

She’s also good friends with Henry, although he’s a bit quiet. Her boss is okay, albeit a bit strange. Slightly creepy sometimes.



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