Gleeson House's resident Occult researcher.


A rather quiet man who spends the majority of his time in his basement room of Gleeson House. He’s not unfriendly necessarily, he just has slightly less than average people skills, although he will at least attempt human interaction if he respects your knowledge.

Not much is known about him other than 1) He’s a bloody good occult expert, with knowledge about most Adepts and Avatars, and 2) He’s been in The Sleepers for a longer time than most of the active visible members, but he does only appear to in his mid-twenties. There are rumours that he’s been in the group since his birth, whilst others state he’s found some form of elixir of life.

His physical appearance is relatively undescript for someone who’s so cut of from society. He has well kept short brown hair, and wears generic unassuming clothing (mostly because if he’s working on an artefact, it could do literally anything, so nice clothes would be a waste), and his average sized body is often hunched over due to him leaning at his desk all day.



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