Agnes Flynn

Cold Collecting Executioner, former IRA member.


A former member of the IRA, Agnes was asked to join The Sleepers after her old boss shot her, and slapped an Urban Legend on her (bloody Cliomancers), making her the most hated person in the IRA. She joined straight away, and has since embodied her Archetype to a scary amount. Her methods and mannerisms have become ritualized to empower her ability as the Avatar of the Executioner.

She is never without her blacked out sunglasses and long black coat. Her blond hair is cut short, and she never wears makes, in order to emphasize her stark appearance.

Although she is one of the most effect assassins within the organization, she goes that little bit further by offering her victims one final request, and stages the execution in a dramatically appropriate manner. However, she never allows these to compromise her mission.

She’s currently on an assignment with Vernon Henshaw, but they are both still in the research phase.


Agnes Flynn

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